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  • What is Baby Album?

    Baby Album is a HTML file generator written in java. With this generator you can organize a huge number of baby photos (jpg file). It can check the picturing time of every jpg file and builds a lot of index HTML files. User could easily find the photo what he/she wants according to these index HTML files.

  • Why do I need to write Baby Album?

    Because I had taken thousands of pictures for my baby, but I can not find any proper software to help me organizing the pictures. So I wrote one according to my requirements.

  • What major problem does Baby Album try to solve?

    According to the improvement of digital camera technology, parents easily take a lot for pictures for their baby every day. But without efficient searching mechanism, the huge digital photo data are useless to anyone. Baby Album try to build a searching mechanism according to picturing time of these photos.

  • Who would need Baby Album?

    Baby Album is designed for parents who just have a baby. They can collect a lot of their baby's pictures and do not need to worry how to organize these photos.

  • Do you need to pay for Baby AlbumĦH

    No. Baby Album is open source software under GPL. You can freely download that, freely use that and freely deliver that.