Quick Start

System Requirements
Quick Start

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  1. Get Baby Album from one of following:
  2. Download source code:
    1. You can download Baby Album source code in here. The file name should be like babyAlbum.src.jar. Save that file in your computer.
    2. Extract the file.
      jar -xvf babyAlbum.src.jar
    3. Enter babyAlbum's directory.
      cd babyAlbum
    4. Build Baby Album.
      ant jar
    5. The executable jar file will locate under dist directory.
  3. Download binary code:
  4. You can download Baby Album binary code in here. The file name should be like babyAlbum.jar. Save that file in your computer.

  5. Execute Baby Album using following command:
    java -jar babyAlbum.jar
    You will see the GUI applictaion which was devided into three blocks:
  6. Basic Information Block
  7. Birth Day Block
  8. Execute Block

  9. Setup Basic Information Block:
  10. Configuration:
    Assign a file name which you want to store your data.
  11. Pictures:
    Assign the directory of your baby photos.
  12. Title:
    Assign the title string of index home page.

  13. Setup Birth Day Block:
    Baby Album will compute the baby's age of picturing time, but you need to tell Baby Album the birth day of your baby first.
  14. show age:
    Show your baby's age or not.
  15. Set up your baby's birth day.

  16. Generate HTML files
    Click "generate" button then Baby Album will execute the following steps:
    1. reset All:
      Reset all relatived data.
    2. check jpg files:
      Searching all jpg files under assigned directory and compare these files with the information of Baby Album's database.
    3. remove missed files:
      If Baby Album find some photo existed before but can not find now. Baby Album will delete relatived resource associated with the missed jpg file.
    4. build small jepg:
      According to performance issue, Baby Album will generate small jpg file for every photo. But generating small picture process will take a lot of time. Baby Album will remember which one had built small picture last time. If Baby Album find the photo without the small picutre, it will build that at this time.
    5. build html files
      Generating the index HTML files according the above data

  17. Check Result:
    Close Baby Album program
    You would find two added directories (smallPictures and html) created under the same directory of pictures directory. The smallPictures directory is created for small pictures and html directory is created for index HTML files.

    Enter html directory and you will find index.html file. Open index.html using your browser and enjoy your baby's photos.